Friday, March 19, 2010

No Travels and a Typewriter

So... still haven't gone to the lake. Actually, I haven't gone anywhere.
This is very upsetting for so-called traveling doll.
I DID get to go to the lovely bistro in Dallas twice now, but I didn't actually get to go inside. I got to sit in the car while Junie went in to show off her pink wig, and Lindsey got to go in because she's special somehow.
It's not that I don't like Lindsey, but... I'm the traveling doll here! I'm the one with the blog who needs updated with new adventures and cool photos!
I'm the one who should get a few pics hanging out with the display girls and lounging on pretty pink beds I'll never own.
*sigh* Maybe next time... Syd picked up a job application while she was there, so maybe I can go with her when she goes to turn it in next week.
And sit in the car and wait.

I did get a new pair of jammies this last time she went, and they're really cute. I borrowed a pair just like them when I was staying in Kentucky with Kailey (Miss you!).
I'd post a photo, but my magical typewriter doesn't seem to have a connection for my camera.
Or a mouse, for that matter, which gets tricky, let me tell you! Right now Syd tells me to move the curser around with my mind, but that she'll figure something out for me eventually.
Since I can't post a PJ pic, here's a shot of my magical internet connecting typewriter:

So far I can only visit two pages, my blog and facebook, but Syd swears she'll make me more sites soon. For something that's supposedly 'magical', this thing's powers are kinda crappy. It relies on Syd to do way too much.


  1. Oh I hate it when I get to go along to town then just sit in the car .. BORING!! These humans just do not seem to realize or something.

    I love your kewl magical typewriter even if some of the powers it has are lame. Your human needs some extra time it sounds like it.

    Have a great weekend!!

    Ta Ta,

  2. Ooh! My friend Kolby will go and travel soon. I don't think I've introduced myself on here. My name's Mia...obviously. :P I have seen your blog before, though I don't remember commenting.....
    I love your typewriter! Spencer has a typewriter, but it's bigger than yours. I feel for you on not being able to go inside AGP! Spencer went to LA in November and she didn't take me. *Pouts* Oh well, we can pout together!

  3. [Syd-Cool, lol! I showed my brother, and it totally had him fooled. he said, "Um, oookaaay? That's weird..." and then I told him it wasn't real. :)]