Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Left Behind = No Fun

Kailey and I got left behind today.
The human that lives here, Aary, was supposed to take us somewhere fun with snow, and she up and forgot us!
I guess I shouldn't be too upset.
After all, I am a guest here, and I'm really grateful that I've as much fun and gotten to go as many places as I have, but the thing is, there's this scary girl here named Angry Chrissa.
She wasn't invited to go on the last trip, and she's angry about not getting to go on this trip, either, and... let's just say maybe it's not a real good idea to make Angry Chrissa angrier.
She scares me.
And we're alone with her!

And besides, did I mention the snow?
I love snow.
I wish it snowed in Texas more, but mostly it just gets icy or rainy.
If rain was more like snow, it would be awesome too, but it's not, so there.

Anyway, before she erm, left us, Aary made a couple of really cool photostories with me and Kailey (and a guest appearence by Gwen. Btw, I HATE SCISSORS!!!!)

This first album is me, meeting snow.
I love snow like my own human, Syd, loves palm trees (I don't know what's up with that, so don't ask, but she loves them a lot.).

Ninette in the Snow

And this next one I help out at Christmas and features me, with scissors.
Evil scissors.

Ninette Wraps a Present

Thanks to my host for all the fun! :D


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted, and I'm sorry about the delay! This is just a quick update for now, but I promise I'll have a good, long blog up here soon. Erm, maybe.

I'm still here in Kentucky with Aaryana, and I'm still having a blast!
I've got a new KY best friend, Kailey, and I'll really miss her when I have to leave. We've been having so much fun together.
I've also gotten to play in the snow, which was really neat. I've never seen snow before, since we don't get it very often at home, and never since I've lived there.
Kailey hadn't seen it either, but she wasn't too thrilled by it. She's from California, and apparently it snows even less there than it does back home in Texas.

I had a really good Christmas. I'm told I got a pair of PJs all of my own that haven't actually come in the mail yet (hey you, Human! Way to Christmas shop!), and a new sister or three.
I'm really happy to hear about the jammies, but the jury's still out on the new siblings. I hope they aren't getting along too well with my bestie at home, Chrissa.
I'm kind of glad I'm out traveling. All these new girls, it's gonna be really crowded in the bathroom in the morning.

All righty, that's it for me, for now. Hopefully I'll post some pics of the last week here soon!

Kailey and I!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I want to be a Model now!

Yesterday, I got to do a fashion show, and try on my new friends' clothes!
It was a lot of fun (and I discovered purple looks great on me!)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

I got to be a rock star for a little while! This guitar sure beats Junie's stupid ukulele!

Pink is my color, but I think I look great in purple, too! I love these shoes, aren't they cute?

Every dancer needs a good warm up outfit like this. Hey, you! Human with the money! Are you listening??

Well, that's it for the fashion show, and me!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I meet the Historicals!

I knew I was going to learn new things when I set off on my first journey, but I didn't realize I'd be learning something the very first day!

Maddy and Kirsten (who has leaves on her head!) helped me learn about the Historical dolls!

My first adventure in Kentucky starts here!

(Thanks to Aaryana for the great photostory!)


Hello there! My name is Ninette, and welcome to my new blog!
I'm a traveling American Girl doll, and I've started off on my first trip ever, to visit AGplaythings member, Aaryana and her girls in Kentucky.
I've just arrived, and I can't wait to start having fun with my new friends here!

I hated leaving my best friend, Chrissa, but I can't wait to meet new friends and see the world. I think I'd like to visit all fifty states eventually, but first things first. I'm in no hurry to leave here, even though I've just met Chrissa' evil twin, Angry Chrissa. Yikes!

Besides traveling, I love to dance, sing and act. I've been taking ballet lessons for a while now, and I really enjoy it. For the most part, I'm very quiet and shy, but once I get on stage to perform, I become a completely different person.

I love animals. I have two dogs, Coconut and Sprocket, and I really hope we get more pets soon.
*hint, hint!* I asked Santa for a pony, but I don't think that's going to happen, even though we already have a barn and a nice pasture for one. Ah, well... Maybe someday!

When I'm not traveling, I live in rural Texas with Chrissa, my older sister Junie, and Junie's best friend, Keilani. Kei and Junie are always causing trouble! They're such a pain sometimes, they love to scream at each other over nothing. And don't play cards with them, they both cheat.
Chrissa is more like me. She's not quite as shy as I am, but she likes animals and we like to play a quiet game of cards or with our doll collection instead of, erm, strip poker like Junie and Kei.

There are other girls that live in the house, but I don't know them as well.

Well, enough about me for now! I should probably get off the computer and go spend time with my new friends.
I'm so excited to be here, and even more excited to be out of that box!