Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Left Behind = No Fun

Kailey and I got left behind today.
The human that lives here, Aary, was supposed to take us somewhere fun with snow, and she up and forgot us!
I guess I shouldn't be too upset.
After all, I am a guest here, and I'm really grateful that I've as much fun and gotten to go as many places as I have, but the thing is, there's this scary girl here named Angry Chrissa.
She wasn't invited to go on the last trip, and she's angry about not getting to go on this trip, either, and... let's just say maybe it's not a real good idea to make Angry Chrissa angrier.
She scares me.
And we're alone with her!

And besides, did I mention the snow?
I love snow.
I wish it snowed in Texas more, but mostly it just gets icy or rainy.
If rain was more like snow, it would be awesome too, but it's not, so there.

Anyway, before she erm, left us, Aary made a couple of really cool photostories with me and Kailey (and a guest appearence by Gwen. Btw, I HATE SCISSORS!!!!)

This first album is me, meeting snow.
I love snow like my own human, Syd, loves palm trees (I don't know what's up with that, so don't ask, but she loves them a lot.).

Ninette in the Snow

And this next one I help out at Christmas and features me, with scissors.
Evil scissors.

Ninette Wraps a Present

Thanks to my host for all the fun! :D



  1. Great albums, Ninette! I wish I could play in the snow, except it really doesn't snow here in Florida. It looks like you had a great holiday!
    Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Ninette,
    My name's Mia StClare and I just found your blog! I love new blogs :) I like yours, I'll make sure to keep visiting it for new posts. Angry Chrissa DOES sound scary! We have a Chrissa here, but she isn't angry, she's kind. Hope you're having fun with Kailey!