Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted, and I'm sorry about the delay! This is just a quick update for now, but I promise I'll have a good, long blog up here soon. Erm, maybe.

I'm still here in Kentucky with Aaryana, and I'm still having a blast!
I've got a new KY best friend, Kailey, and I'll really miss her when I have to leave. We've been having so much fun together.
I've also gotten to play in the snow, which was really neat. I've never seen snow before, since we don't get it very often at home, and never since I've lived there.
Kailey hadn't seen it either, but she wasn't too thrilled by it. She's from California, and apparently it snows even less there than it does back home in Texas.

I had a really good Christmas. I'm told I got a pair of PJs all of my own that haven't actually come in the mail yet (hey you, Human! Way to Christmas shop!), and a new sister or three.
I'm really happy to hear about the jammies, but the jury's still out on the new siblings. I hope they aren't getting along too well with my bestie at home, Chrissa.
I'm kind of glad I'm out traveling. All these new girls, it's gonna be really crowded in the bathroom in the morning.

All righty, that's it for me, for now. Hopefully I'll post some pics of the last week here soon!

Kailey and I!


  1. Ooh, it sounds like you had a great Christmas, Ninette! By the way, I love your new and improved header cute!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Merry Christmas, Ninette! I'm glad you're having fun in Kentucky, with your new friend.

    Haha, new sister or three! Well, at least you get some snow time. It's snowed here (CA) once in my life. I was going to go on a snow day trip today, but we don't have chains for our car, so...I'm here instead. But I found your blog!

    Happy new year.